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Busan Light Trails - Workflow Included
3 months ago 6
Posted in: Cityscape, Korea

FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon Busan Light Trails This is a quick note to say Happy holidays to anyone and everyone who has followed my work this year. I hope 2015 brings you joy and inspiration in all areas of your life! Jimmy McIntyre Workflow Explanation – Busan Light Trails To learn my post-processing techniques, feel free to check […]

A Lonely Lighthouse - Workflow Included
4 months ago 12
Posted in: Korea, Seascape

FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon A Lonely Lighthouse We were running slightly late for sunrise on Sunday morning. It was dark. Most of my photography companions were heading out of the hotel toward the main path. I was being detained, unfortunately. As I walked down the stairs at the back of the group, I found I could no longer […]

Busan From Above - Gotham City
5 months ago 3
Posted in: Busan, Korea

FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon Busan From Above – Gotham City Standing on the helipad of this colossal building, we knew we had a great vantage point from which to watch, and shoot, the Busan fireworks festival. We thought, however, that the party had been cancelled early when a young security guard came on to the roof to express […]

An Ancient Japanese Temple - Tower of Yasaka
5 months, 1 week ago 0

FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon Dropping My Camera In a narrow, dark Kyoto street I sat on the floor, composing an image. A noise behind me forced me to look over my should, to make sure there weren’t any cars coming towards me. As I did so, I heard a loud ‘Crack’. I turned to find my camera face […]

Nature's Skyscrapers - Kyoto Bamboo Forest
5 months, 2 weeks ago 1
Posted in: Japan, Kyoto

FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon Nature’s Skyscrapers – Kyoto Bamboo Forest The biggest photography event of the year has arrived!! The 5DayDeal always promises an incredible package for photographers and a generous amount of money to charities as a wonderful byproduct. I downloaded the megabundle last week and loved it! I encourage you to check it out here: Sale […]

The Library of 20,000 Books
5 months, 2 weeks ago 6
Posted in: Interior, Japan, Osaka

FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon The Library of 20,000 books – Shiba Ryōtarō Library, Osaka, Japan The first drops of rain from typhoon Vongfong have begun to fall in Osaka. Every room in our hotel had a warning sign stuck to it; ‘Please don’t open windows during typhoon, and go outside only if you need to,’ it said. With […]

Is Post-Processing A Chore?
7 months ago 24
Posted in: HDR Tutorial

FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon I recently came across an article on the excellent photography site, Light Stalking. The article title is: How to Take the Stress Out of Image Editing When You’ve Got Tons of Photos to Edit. Although there is some very good advice for cutting down your workload, I found one quote particularly surprising: “For many […]

The Digital Blending Guide E-book Pack
7 months, 1 week ago 2
Posted in: HDR Tutorial

FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon I’m thoroughly excited to announce that in Early 2015 (previously December 2014 but delayed slightly), I’ll be releasing an E-book teaching Digital Blending methods. Included with the E-book will be the full digital blending workflow video showing you how I created the below image from Hong Kong (see the before/after here: HK Light Trails). […]

A touch from the heavens
7 months, 2 weeks ago 8
Posted in: Cityscape, Korea

FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon A touch from the heavens The past two weeks have been a wonderful time for me to add to my current lifestyle. I’ve been working on the business side of things for a few months now, so I decided it was time to put extra emphasis onto my personal development. Waking up at the […]

We Are The Zenith, Busan
8 months ago 11
Posted in: Cityscape, Korea

FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon We Are The Zenith Saturday evening was my 3rd attempt at getting on the helipad of one of Korea’s tallest buildings, We Are The Zenith, in Busan. The first two times I didn’t even make it to the elevator. This time, with a few new friends, we made our way through a side exit, […]

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