My New Course Is Now Here
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My New Course Is Now Here

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My brand new photography course is now here. It is called the Art of Photography, and covers everything from shooting, planning to post-processing. You can learn the techniques I use to create today’s image from Milford Sound.

To find out more about the course, you can see the official Art of Photography page here:

course image full

This comprehensive course includes videos on planning your shoots, what to do out in the field, tips for better compositions, and advanced post-processing. Along with the videos, you will get 8 actions for exposure blending, dodging and burning, and frequency separation. Cheat sheets are also included to help remind you of the key points when you’re out in the field.

Video Content (over 6 hours):

  1. Introduction (3.26 minutes)
  2. 23 Tips For Better Composition (43.41 minutes)
  3. My Camera Gear (9.30 minutes)
  4. How I Set Up A Standard Shot (6.44 minutes)
  5. How To Bracket Correctly (11.07 minutes)
  6. How To Choose Images For Exposure Blending (13.12 minutes)
  7. Post-Processing – What You Need To Know (4.34 minutes)
  8. Luminosity Mask and Apply Image in Exposure Blending (37.25 minutes)
  9. How To Shoot Interiors (7.04 minutes)
  10. How To Process Interiors (22.59 minutes)
  11. How To Shoot and Process Sun Spikes (30.54 minutes)
  12. How To Shoot Long Exposures With ND Filters (12.33 minutes)
  13. How To Process Long Exposures (39.16 minutes)
  14. How To Plan And Shoot The Milky Way (16.22 minutes)
  15. How To Process A Milky Way Vertical Panorama (21.59 minutes)
  16. How I Shot The Lavender Fields (6.21 minutes)
  17. How To Process A Golden Hour Vertical Panorama Landscape (31.38 minutes)
  18. How To Plan And Process A Seascape Shot – Exposure Blending With A Single RAW File (26.49 minutes)
  19. How To Exposure Blend Cityscape Panoramas (13.54 minutes)
  20. How To Exposure Blend Landscape Panoramas (24.26 minutes)


Today’s image was created using Raya Pro & InstaMask

le beforele after


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  • Adrian Evans

    Cheers, got it today :)

    • Jimmy McIntyre

      That’s great to hear Adrian. I hope you enjoy it!

  • ian

    Hi…my email never arrives for D/load?

    • Jimmy McIntyre

      Hi Ian,
      Do you mean a purchase you made?


  • Luis García

    Hello Jimmy I’ve been trying to get Raya Pro, but the server says your webpage is down, any other place I can get it? thanks !!!

    • Jimmy McIntyre

      Hi there, thanks for the message. We had a few technical issues last night but all is working now. Thanks

  • Michael Nalsky

    Hi Jimmy, I got your video course but cannot find the PS actions package you are referring to in your video, namely all actions for exposure blending. There is a link for actions download, but it brought me bunch of other actions unrelated to exposure blending and masking. Where can I get the actions from video course?

    • Jimmy McIntyre

      Hi Michael,
      If you go into the Part 1 folder of the course, you will see all of the actions in there.

      I hope you enjoy the material

      • Michael Nalsky

        Got it, thanks!