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Blue Hour In Valencia
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New Journal 16 – The border crossing  In the wake of an announcement on Saturday that the Chilean border would finally be re-opened after weathering the worst storm in 10 years, we dashed to the bus station to buy tickets. In a whirlwind of rejections from bus companies who’d sold out, we found ourselves haggling […]

The Red Room
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New Journal 7 – On the move We’re spending the day on a bus heading over to Chile today, feeling much better from our little colds. Today’s Photo – Palace of the Marqués de Dos Aguas, Valencia These brackets were shot hand-held. To capture the scene with relative clarity I had to raise the aperture […]

Arts and Sciences
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New Journal Entry 3 – Finding internet This is my third attempt at publishing this post – the internet here is terrible! I wrote a full journal entry and didn’t save it. When I went to publish it the internet died and took with it my article. Hopefully this time it will work Tutorials – […]

Bridges at blue hour
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Scotland Journal day 1 (Travel Diary Day 271) We left the familiar suburban sights of Newcastle for the Scottish Highlands at the wee hours of the morning. 5 hours, that’s all it takes to be surrounded by landscapes that could inspire even the most ridged of minds. Our hotel reminds us of a 50s-throwback usually […]

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias
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Spanish Journal Day 3 (Travel Diary Day 257) I think Mother Nature isn’t happy with me right now. When we arrived in Valencia yesterday afternoon we were bathed in sun. 25 degrees with a slight breeze is all I ever ask for in life – we found it here. As the afternoon passed by, the […]