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A Spooky Country Train Station
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Off To China I have a two-week China trip starting on Monday. So, as always, it’s a busy time for preparation. But I made a quick tutorial for today’s image. Raya Pro users can see the blending process using Raya Pro. And non-Raya Pro users can see how I like to create a more advanced […]

The Longest Shadows
2 years, 10 months ago 2
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The Longest Shadows 21,000+ words written so far in 10 days. The script for the new Art of Digital Blending is coming along well. It should be finished tomorrow. And I can start recording on Saturday. All of the workflow previews and before and after/comparisons can be found here – Art of Digital Blending Update […]

The Calm of Blue
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The Calm Of Blue At Beynac As the fading warmth of an autumn evening gently becomes a slight chill, Rachel and I sit cozily, immersed in the blueness of a French countryside that prefers peace to noise, slowness to busy-ness. And we’re okay with that. Behind us, we’re watched by a medieval castle that has […]

A light in a dark alley
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New Journal 23 – In NYC Rain was falling heavily on the streets of New York that morning. We were moving quickly towards a Harlem subway station with all of our bags. The next task would be to find a luggage storage place near Times Square. We were drenched and hungry but once we could […]

A Cemetery at Night
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New Journal Entry 4 – An Unwelcome Guest Wind lashed at our tent while rain continued to pour down, as it had done the previous 12 hours. We were alone in a Patagonian forest close to the enchanting, Laguna De Los Tres. It was midnight and I’d just been woken up by something crawling across […]

Overlooking the graveyard
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No-Man’s-Lands Journal Day 6 (Travel Diary Day 270) The land of Argentina is calling. Our flights to Buenos Aires, if all goes according to plan, will be booked tonight for the 1st of May. Before that, however, we have a short adventure in the Scottish Highlands starting tomorrow morning for a couple of days. My […]

The village rooftops
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Spanish Journal Day 1 (Travel Diary Day 256) Nat King Cole is playing out of the speakers in Burger King in Bilbao. We are here because I had a ravenous craving for an unhealthy burger and a dodgy coffee – both cravings have been satisfied. I burned some of those unwanted calories chasing a pigeon […]

Chateau Chambord
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French Journal Day 175 (Travel Diary Day 255) Before checking into our strange hotel on Friday in Loire valley, we attempted to catch the remnants of a hopeful sunset at the incredible Chateau Chambord. The thinly layered clouds had been dominating the sky for most of our road trip from Northern France that day. The […]

The Cemetery
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French Journal Day 172 (Travel Diary Day 252) It wasn’t until we rolled into the dimly lit car park of our motel that we realised why it was ‘reasonably’ priced. In front of us stood a box shaped building, as dark as its surrounding lot, more fitting of a bad-guys’ hideout found in some dystopian […]

Le Mont Saint Michel
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French Journal Day 171 (Travel Diary Day 251) “Yes, officer” I replied. 2 other police officers looked on while two more searched our bags. I looked over at the lowering sun and wondered if the GB sticker on our car was the reason we’d been pulled over. It was the second time that French police […]