Glencoe, Scotland
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Glencoe, Scotland

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No-Man’s-Lands Journal Day 7 (Travel Diary Day 273)

As we slowly hiked along an unknown valley in search of Glen Etive, snow began to fall. Huge slopes either side of us, leading to hidden peaks, enclosed the valley in a relaxing silence.

We’d been hiking for an hour and hadn’t seen anyone. We stopped for a coffee. Sitting on a rock, with only the faint sound of running water as our soundtrack, we both agreed that we had never witnessed anything in our lives that so closely resembled a scene from Lord of The Rings.

Rachel pointed to some deer in the hills above us. They seemed unnerved by our presence. The snow was more like fine grains of soft ice that floated on the breeze rather than falling straight down, adding to the already fantastical atmosphere.

The temperature was surprisingly mild. We were content to sit in the valley with our warm coffee and comfortable rock.

Now, we’re back in England, looking for our next adventure ahead of departure to Argentina.

Today’s Photo – Somewhere in Glencoe

In windy, slightly snowy conditions I took this shot hand-held. It’s comprised of 3 exposures, blended in Photomatix and tidied up in Photoshop and Nik Color Efex.

For my workflow, please refer to my tutorials:

Beginner’s HDR tutorial

Digital Blending HDR Tutorial


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