The village rooftops
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The village rooftops

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Spanish Journal Day 1 (Travel Diary Day 256)

Nat King Cole is playing out of the speakers in Burger King in Bilbao. We are here because I had a ravenous craving for an unhealthy burger and a dodgy coffee – both cravings have been satisfied.

I burned some of those unwanted calories chasing a pigeon out of the building 5 minutes ago.

We’re waiting for night to descend. Since we are currently blanketed with thick clouds that intermittently spit out spots of rain, there’s little in the way of advantageous light. I’m hoping nighttime will bring about a beneficial change in light so that I can capture the very curious Guggenheim Museum. I’m not holding out much hope.

The bad weather has forced us to change our plans. Portugal, our next destination, is experiencing heavy rain, as is much of Spain. In fact, the only place that seems to be less affected is Valencia. Tomorrow morning, therefore, we will drive there and stay for 2 days. We are literally chasing the good weather.

Having been to Valencia a few times before, I already have some ideas in mind in terms of photography spots.

One evening six years ago, after spending four days at a Spanish music festival, I played football in the plaza of the old Quarter with 20 odd strangers at 2:00am. A Frenchmen and I sat in midfield and did a good job of securing victory. Almost all of us were strangers to each other. The atmosphere was positive and temperature hot. A gentlemen with a wooden cart brought us cold beers which we enjoyed after the match.

2 years later Rachel and I sat at the terrace of a restaurant at that plaza and drank until the wee hours of the morning. With fond memories, we’re looking forward to returning.

Today’s Photo – The village rooftops

Waiting for the sun to set at Le Mont St Michel, I lent against a wall to have a drink. I noticed this very curious spot. Without setting up my tripod, I rested the camera on the wall and took the shot.

The processing involved 3 exposures (-2 0 +2), processed in Photomatix, tidied up in Photoshop and Nik Color Efex. I used luminance masks to make specific contrast adjustments to the mid-tones and brights specifically.

Tutorials –

Beginners HDR Tutorial

Digital Blending Luminance Masks Tutorial

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