What's In My Camera Bag
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What’s In My Camera Bag

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I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to write a post about my camera gear…but, here it is. In the next few weeks I will be selling my backup Canon gear and replacing it with a smaller, lighter mirrorless setup.

I received 100s of suggestions for mirrorless cameras on a facebook post recently. However, I’m still uncertain. With rumours of a new full-frame Nikon mirrorless endlessly circulating, I may wait. Most of the older shots on my blog were from my Canon gear so I’m happy to hold onto it for a while :)

Primary Gear

Nikon D800

Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 lens

Sigma 24-70mm f/28

Manfrotto MT055 Tripod

Standard Nikon Shutter Release

Hitech 10-Stop ND filter

Lucroit filter holder

Kepha Ballhead

Back Up Gear

Canon 60D

Canon 17-55mm f/2.8

Promote Control

B&W 10-Stop ND filter

Benro Travel Tripod


Manfrotto Clamp

Wacom Intuos Small tablet

Lowerpro Backpack

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  • Marshall Machado

    Hi Jimmy,
    Are you using the Super clamp to hold the ball head when not traveling with the tripod? I was thinking about digging mine out and trying that with the correct size threaded stud.

    • http://throughstrangelenses.com/ Jimmy McIntyre

      Hey Marshall,
      I just got it actually. But I’ll mainly be using it for cityscape photography for when tripods aren’t allowed.

  • Paul Ward

    Hi Jimmy, no long telephoto ???

    • http://throughstrangelenses.com/ Jimmy McIntyre

      Hey Paul, after a year of carrying one around and only using it twice, I decided I didn’t need one for my style :)

      • Paul Ward

        thanks Jimmy. Ive been trying to decide on next purchase between a 70-200 nikon or actually investing in a mirror less system such as the Fuji Xt-1 or Sony A7 for travel. Now you’ve also confused me more by saying there are rumours of a Nikon FF mirror less – Doh!

  • Marshall Machado

    Thanks Jimmy. It is heavy for travel for sure but I will try it as well. RRS Safari clamp looks like a lightweight alternative, but $100 seems steep unless you will use it a lot!

  • Owen O’Grady

    Hi Jimmy,
    Thanks for sharing. Great to see what equipment you are using.
    BTW what spec computer do you use to edit those huge D800 files.
    Thanks again. Owen.

    • http://throughstrangelenses.com/ Jimmy McIntyre

      Hi Owen,
      I’m currently using a reasonably quick Lenovo ideapad, but these files do take their toll. I’ll be switching to a Macbook pro in the near future.

  • arkhunter

    So why Canon backup gear when you shoot Nikon? From your post it sounds like you switched from Canon to Nikon at some point possibly and I guess you never sold the Canon and got a Nikon crop sensor body. It would be one less lens (assuming you haul the backup gear too) I agree a nice mirrorless would be a good backup or primary. (I’d mostly stopped using my canon 7D in favor of a Olympus OM-D EM-5!)

    • http://throughstrangelenses.com/ Jimmy McIntyre

      You’re right, I decided to keep a hold of the Canon gear just in case. I take it with me to whichever location I’m at, but only take my primary gear when I’m actually shooting :)

  • http://walkwithmebd.blogspot.com/ Arif Islam

    Hi Jimmy,

    Do you face any vignette issue while using the Hitech filter with Lucroit holder on the 14-24?

  • Thanawat Sukwibul

    Hi Jimmy,
    I saw you using Hitech ND 10 STOP. so I have been using Hitech IRND 10 STOP for SW150 for a year but I got quite blue tone in my pictures so How can I correct colour? Do you have some problem with ND 10 STOP from Hitech?

    Thank you :)

  • Antonio Biggio

    hello Gymmy, I sold 2 years ago the 14 24 because the difficult to found a filter or because they are too big. what are your experience with these type of filter? you have only the 10 stops? thank you. regards, Antonio