The Complete HDR Tutorial

The most complete set of video tutorials in the world that will take your HDR imagery to stunning new levels

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- Master Photomatix  -

- Master digital blending using Luminance Masks in Photoshop -

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Blake Rudis,

“Jimmy’s Advanced course will take your cookie dough post processing and carve it into wood with utmost craftsmanship”

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The complete tutorial is a combination of Jimmy’s two best selling video tutorials –

- The Art of HDR for Beginners and The Art of Digital Blending tutorial

click on each link to find out exactly what you’ll be learning and which images you’ll be working with.

We’ve combined these two courses to offer you a $15 discount, and if you keep reading you can find out how to save a further $5.

Learn to create your own images like this. This is a 100% digitally blended image using the workflow taught in the Art of Digital Blending tutorial

Or this…A combination of the Photomatix workflow in the Art of HDR for Beginners and Luminance Masks taught in the Advanced series of this course.

Buy this complete set of HDR tutorials for just $49.99, saving you around $15 if you bought the two sets of tutorials separately


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