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Clear Mosque Reflections
1 year, 11 months ago 3
Posted in: Dubai

The Power of The Korean Ajumma Ajumma, in Korean, translates as a lady of marriage age. However, we Westerners living in Korea use this term to incorrectly refer to a special breed of lady who strikes both fear and joy in our hearts – little old grandmothers. Old Korean ladies are fierce, and I love […]

Bright Lights of Dubai Skyline
1 year, 11 months ago 12

A Life Almost Without Internet Communication One of the wonderful things about social networks, like Facebook, is that we now have the ability to instantly connect with someone across the globe, who we may never have otherwise met. I feel very fortunate to be connected with many photographers online, some of whom I’ve met in […]

The Flash
1 year, 11 months ago 6

Korean Food Pleasures Having spent a lot of time in Asia, I’ve had the great fortune of sampling some very tasty, and not so tasty foods. In Thailand, for example, I had crocodile steak, which was very nice and tender. In Korea, I’ve developed a taste for some less likely foods. The strangest of which, […]

Autumn Bamboo Forest
2 years ago 24

A Short Love Affair With a MacBook Pro I collected a refund for the MacBook I bought last week. I’m back using my trusty, yet noticeably slower, PC. After experiencing fairly constant crashes, they offered to send it off to the service centre in Seoul. I’ve been in Korea for 3 years now, in total. […]

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque at Night
2 years ago 8
Posted in: Church, Dubai

Switching to a Mac On Saturday I bought a MacBook Pro. I’d been threatening to switch from PC to Mac for a while now. Those D800 files are big enough, but pile them on top of each other, along with a few adjustment layers and luminosity masks, and they quickly become a burden to the […]

A Flash Of Light - Dubai Marina - Tutorial Included
2 years ago 10
Posted in: Cityscape, Dubai

Things to come in the next 12 months and after Korea Rachel and I have been discussing the next phase in our lives, after we leave Korea in February 2016. We plan on heading straight to Australia and New Zealand for 3 months, for some incredible landscape photography. After that, we may finally buy a […]

Some Jetties Aren't Meant To Be Straight
2 years ago 16
Posted in: Malysia, Seascape

The Easy Panel is Back Please note:  if you downloaded the Easy Panel early last week, we recommend you download and install it again. It was updated on Friday as some photographers had complained that the luminosity masks were generating very slowly. It is now up-to-speed and with some extra installation instructions! I’m thrilled to […]

Swooping Rays - Birds At The Batu Caves

Patience While Shooting One thing I pride myself on in photography is patience. I believe that patience and planning are two immensely important ingredients to consistently creating good quality images. In the past I would jump around a location firing off hundreds of shots as the light changed, hoping to be lucky enough to come […]

Futuristic Tron Cityscape
2 years, 1 month ago 12
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Leaving Singapore for Melacca This morning I began the third and final leg of my photography trip, Malaysia. I’ve split with my companions and headed solo to Melacca to shoot the famous mosque here. When I arrived, my plans to scout the location were delayed slightly as the button on my pants (the crotch area), […]

How I Support A Travel Photography Lifestyle
2 years, 1 month ago 27
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People are often curious to know how I support myself, and the travelling I do, financially. It is, after all, an expensive job. My biggest and main source of income comes from my Post-Processing courses. I feel extremely fortunate to be at a point now where I have a profitable business. It supports my travel, […]