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What's In My Camera Bag
8 months ago 13
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I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to write a post about my camera gear…but, here it is. In the next few weeks I will be selling my backup Canon gear and replacing it with a smaller, lighter mirrorless setup. I received 100s of suggestions for mirrorless cameras on a facebook post recently. […]

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After a challenging month I’d like to say a huge thank you to the incredible people I’m connected with; be they in real life or cyberspace. There are wonderful times ahead, photography and otherwise. It’s great to have such superb support. It makes life that much more colourful and exciting To photographer friends who are […]

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A small lamp is illuminating my keyboard. I’m sitting upstairs in my parents’ house. The faint tick tock of a grandfather clock downstairs is echoing through the nightly silence. I don’t know what to write. It’s Thursday the 19th of September as I write this. My dad died this morning and I hoped that writing […]

Art Of Cityscape Photography Tutorials Now Available
1 year, 6 months ago 0
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2.5 months of planning, 4 weeks of writing, recording, re-recording, cleaning sound & editing and finally the Art of Cityscape Tutorials are now here. This is the most varied set of advanced post-processing tutorials that I’ve ever created. We work on some of my most popular images and learn to blend exposures effectively using 3 […]

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This is a quick journal update: There is far too much bad weather over here in Europe. Rachel and I have to cancel our European road trip and return to Newcastle this week. Everywhere we look there is nothing but rain. However, every cloud has a silver lining – we’ll hopefully be hitting South American […]

Dramatic beach
2 years ago 0

French Journal Day 133 (Travel Diary Day 213) Our first 3 days in Paris are shaping up to be more action-packed than the entire 6 weeks we’ve spent in Burgundy. It’s been a time of both tranquility and productivity here but not much in the way of adventure. After getting acquainted with our neighbourhood on […]

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