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The Louvre at Sunset
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New Journal 53 – Losing Heart I received an email on Saturday from someone who follows my work. I got their permission to post it here: “Hi Jim. been following you and a few others for a while now. I really want to produce stunning photos but every time you or other photographers post their […]

The Golden Room
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No-Man’s-Lands Journal Day 1 (Travel Diary Day 264) 1,000 miles in 2 days – Betsy had never been pushed so hard. We headed north, leaving Montpellier for drier climates, believe it or not, in the UK. Our return home, although forced upon us by poor weather, is still a welcome relief. Being surrounded by familiarity […]

The crooked lamppost
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French Journal Day 168 (Travel Diary Day 248) In what seems like a blink of an eye, our 5 weeks in the French capital is coming to an end. It has been, without doubt, one of the best months we’ve had since we first started travelling more than 3 years ago. Paris is more than […]

Canal St. Martin
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French Journal Day 157 (Travel Diary Day 237) I’ve spent day after day recently creating an advanced HDR photography course that will include 32 bit processing, luminosity/luminance masks, and getting the most out of ACR, amongst other things. I actually started designing it immediately after creating my beginner’s HDR tutorial. I also teach how to […]

The Balconies
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French Journal Day 156 (Travel Diary Day 236) Last night’s informal HDR workshop was an absolute pleasure. I gave an example of my basic HDR workflow while drinking wine and eating cheese – what more could a man ask for? It was nice to be teaching again. I’ve missed it. Unfortunately we arrived late due […]

Opera Garnier
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French Journal Day 154 (Travel Diary Day 234) We were due to meet some friends outside the Opera house metro station. As we left the metro a deaf person on the street motioned for me to sign a petition they had on a clipboard. I shook my head. As travellers we’ve learned not to stop […]

Paris Church Vertorama
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French Journal Day 151 (Travel Diary Day 231) We have attained, for the first time in 6 months, a sense of normalcy in our lives. From going out shooting the wonderful city of Paris with locals and attending meetups with running clubs, to walking the dog and working during the day, we are almost on […]

The Gargoyle of Notre Dame
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French Journal Day 147 (Travel Diary Day 227) This is part 2 of our exploration of Notre Dame – Part one here. As my camera continued to fire off shots, I smiled at the approaching man and said ‘bonjour’. Neither the smile nor the greeting were returned. Expecting him to order us to leave, I […]

Inside Notre Dame
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French Journal Day 146 (Travel Diary Day 226) The rickety scaffolding rattled and shook as we scaled it. It would be the first of two sets of stairs that I would feel uncomfortable on that day. We carefully reached the first leg of our journey – the lower roof of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. […]

The Surreal One
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This is just a quick post showcasing the surreal version of yesterday’s photo of the Louvre