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Why I haven't Been Taking Photos or Present Online
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Why I haven’t Been Taking Photos or Present Online If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ll know that for the last 12 months I have been extremely quiet. I would love to say that it was simply because I have been busy, but that would be only a half-truth. I have been […]

Light Trail, Milky Way, Light House
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Huge Photography Sale Sale has now ended! Hi guys! I only run two sales on all of my products each year, and there is only a few days left of this one. You can get 25% off any or all of my courses, including Raya Pro. Sale ends on Monday 20th of June at 11:00am […]

Perfect Timing - Milky Way at Nugget Point
1 year, 10 months ago 11

The Clouds Did Part I planned this image about 7 months ago. Using my Photopills app, I worked out the new moon date and what time the galactic centre would be over the lighthouse like this. The Milky Way would be in position at around 11pm. Unfortunately, the sky was black with clouds when we […]

Milky Way over Lake Rotoiti
1 year, 11 months ago 6

Running Around NZ One of the added bonuses of being in New Zealand is the walking trails. My wife and I aren’t walkers typically, but we are runners. My wife runs a comfortable 6 minute mile (and under) over 10km, whereas I kind of plod along slowly, just enjoying myself. Back in Korea there was […]

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This was just a bit of fun since I missed the Milky Way at Delicate Arches.

Milky Way at San Pedro
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New Journal 18 – San Pedro As we stared up to the brilliantly shining Milky Way, a shooting star flashed into our view and disappeared again almost as quickly . We were standing in the desert. We were silent. We felt inspired and insignificant at the same time. San Pedro De Atacama is one of […]