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Pink Sunrise at Glenorchy Jetty
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Epic Sunrise Glenorchy __________________________________ Hey guys! I have a question, if you’ve got a minute. If you’re a regular visitor to the blog, do you find the post-processing description and the before/after comparisons useful? I’m just wondering if it is something I should continue, or if it’s not really helping much. Thanks! __________________________________ Last week […]

A crooked jetty
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New Journal 57 – Learning to swim Most adults feel at home in the water. Others, however, believe that the water will take them one day, and if the water doesn’t finish them off, whatever horribleness deep within almost certainly will. I was a weak swimmer. I could do a manic front crawl for about […]

Incredible pink sunset
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New Journal 8 – The slow life This lovely Chilean town is affecting us. Its gentle pace and friendly people seem to have turned our ‘chill out’ mode to fully active. We stroll from place to place, pier to pier, church to church looking for good compositions at a snail’s pace, enjoying the perfect, crisp […]