About Jimmy

On the 7th of January 2010 I began my journey around the world. Although happy with my life in England, I craved a challenge – I craved a lifejimmy McIntyre worth living, as I saw it. An office life wasn’t taking me down a road I wished to travel.

My goal was to create a life on my own terms, to carve out a career that I loved and which would allow me to visit the furthest reaches of our planet. I found that career in photography, a passion I’ve lived every day for 3 years now.

I pushed myself to create imagery that my creative soul would thrive on, while earning myself a career that I would never want to retire from. Since then, I’ve had the incredible fortune of connecting with many thousands of photographers through my blog, facebook page, google, flickr and in real life.

I’ve had the privilege of helping 1000s of photographers reach their artistic potential through both my free courses and my premium photograhy courses.  During this time I’ve realised that my passion for photography extends to a passion of teaching and of connecting with other artists. I use my blog and social media accounts as an open forum, in many respects, with the intention of continuing to meet and work with photographers around the world. Feel free to connect with me and say hi!

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