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Hong Kong Sunrise - Version 2
2 weeks, 4 days ago 0
Posted in: Cityscape, Hong Kong

FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon 5 Weeks of Travelling Sunday marks the beginning of around 5 weeks on the road. The first two weeks my wife and I will be relaxing on the Philippine beaches of Boracay island. After that, however, it’s 100% photography. With 11 days in Dubai, and 11 days in Singapore and Malaysia, it is set […]

Busan Light Trails - Workflow Included
1 month ago 6
Posted in: Cityscape, Korea

FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon Busan Light Trails This is a quick note to say Happy holidays to anyone and everyone who has followed my work this year. I hope 2015 brings you joy and inspiration in all areas of your life! Jimmy McIntyre Workflow Explanation – Busan Light Trails To learn my post-processing techniques, feel free to check […]

A Lonely Lighthouse - Workflow Included
2 months, 1 week ago 11
Posted in: Korea, Seascape

FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon A Lonely Lighthouse We were running slightly late for sunrise on Sunday morning. It was dark. Most of my photography companions were heading out of the hotel toward the main path. I was being detained, unfortunately. As I walked down the stairs at the back of the group, I found I could no longer […]

Busan From Above - Gotham City
3 months ago 3
Posted in: Busan, Korea

FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon Busan From Above – Gotham City Standing on the helipad of this colossal building, we knew we had a great vantage point from which to watch, and shoot, the Busan fireworks festival. We thought, however, that the party had been cancelled early when a young security guard came on to the roof to express […]

An Ancient Japanese Temple - Tower of Yasaka
3 months, 1 week ago 0

FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon Dropping My Camera In a narrow, dark Kyoto street I sat on the floor, composing an image. A noise behind me forced me to look over my should, to make sure there weren’t any cars coming towards me. As I did so, I heard a loud ‘Crack’. I turned to find my camera face […]

Nature's Skyscrapers - Kyoto Bamboo Forest
3 months, 2 weeks ago 1
Posted in: Japan, Kyoto

FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon Nature’s Skyscrapers – Kyoto Bamboo Forest The biggest photography event of the year has arrived!! The 5DayDeal always promises an incredible package for photographers and a generous amount of money to charities as a wonderful byproduct. I downloaded the megabundle last week and loved it! I encourage you to check it out here: Sale […]

The Library of 20,000 Books
3 months, 2 weeks ago 6
Posted in: Interior, Japan, Osaka

FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon The Library of 20,000 books – Shiba Ryōtarō Library, Osaka, Japan The first drops of rain from typhoon Vongfong have begun to fall in Osaka. Every room in our hotel had a warning sign stuck to it; ‘Please don’t open windows during typhoon, and go outside only if you need to,’ it said. With […]

Is Post-Processing A Chore?
5 months ago 24
Posted in: HDR Tutorial

FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon I recently came across an article on the excellent photography site, Light Stalking. The article title is: How to Take the Stress Out of Image Editing When You’ve Got Tons of Photos to Edit. Although there is some very good advice for cutting down your workload, I found one quote particularly surprising: “For many […]

The Digital Blending Guide E-book Pack
5 months, 1 week ago 2
Posted in: HDR Tutorial

FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon I’m thoroughly excited to announce that in Early 2015 (previously December 2014 but delayed slightly), I’ll be releasing an E-book teaching Digital Blending methods. Included with the E-book will be the full digital blending workflow video showing you how I created the below image from Hong Kong (see the before/after here: HK Light Trails). […]

A touch from the heavens
5 months, 3 weeks ago 8
Posted in: Cityscape, Korea

FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon A touch from the heavens The past two weeks have been a wonderful time for me to add to my current lifestyle. I’ve been working on the business side of things for a few months now, so I decided it was time to put extra emphasis onto my personal development. Waking up at the […]

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